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The London Marathon Charitable Trust provides funding to inspire thousands of children and adults across the UK to be active for life. The £1million it gave to Levelling the Playing Field is the Trust's biggest ever donation since its founding in 1981. Overall, the Trust has awarded in excess of £88 million to more than 1,430 projects to increase participation in physical activity in London and beyond.
The Alliance of Sport in Criminal Justice aims to build a better and safer society by actively helping the Sport for Development sector in their mission to reduce violence, crime and reoffending. 
We intercede as an agent of change, using our renowned expertise, guidance and resources to empower individuals and organisations delivering sport and physical activity who are entrusted with the care of our ultimate beneficiaries.
The Youth Justice Board is a non-departmental public body responsible for overseeing the youth justice system in England and Wales. The YJB provides ongoing in-kind support for the Levelling the Playing Field project.

LtPF would not work without the support of our network of local, regional and national delivery partners. Each partner has been selected based on their responsibility, suitability and commitment to achieving the aims and objectives of LtPF.

Our governance assures a range of practical steps is taken to manage the appropriate use of charitable funds and the selection of partners. This provides a solid platform to building a multi-stakeholder partnership working with over 60 different organisations to level the playing field, evidence what works and scale up across England and Wales.

If you would like to work with LtPF, by helping to increase the support and opportunities for our beneficiaries, providing resources for our local delivery partners or working with us to scale up, please get in touch.

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Partnering with us

"We aim to build a more positive culture and repair distrust between children and the Criminal Justice System, helping to eradicate its inherent discrimination and systematic racism."

James Mapstone - Chief Executive, Alliance of Sport

LtPF has multiple stakeholders all working collaboratively to create a level playing field by:

  • Increasing the number of ethnically diverse children involved in suitable sport and physical activity offerings, well placed to increase health and life outcomes; and
  • Reducing the number of ethnically diverse children involved with the Criminal Justice System.
To achieve our common goals, partners must agree to share resources, risk and responsibility. Our commitment to all partners is to hold the following values at the centre of LtPF:

  • Respect: We recognise and fully respect that every partner has a vital contribution to make in the decision-making and development of LtPF regardless of their role, level of resource and status.
  • Trust: We understand that partnerships are built on trust and that delivering systematic change won’t be easy. We must be open, transparent and deliver on our promises when we say we will.
  • Shared value: We seek to understand and support our partners so that they are better placed to support the achievement of our common goals.

By proving our theory and scaling up across England and Wales, we aim to build and galvanise a positive culture and put an end to the inherent discrimination and systematic racism that exists within the Criminal Justice System.

To build the right culture, we are securing support from the top-down, building clear processes to enable effective communication and delivery, and recognising and championing the people who make the programme work.

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Partnering with us

Help our mission: using sport to reduce over-representation in the Youth Justice System
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